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A personal welcome from Sensei Daniel Kean-Cockburn . We started the Aem Hai School in 2005, and have been going from strength to strength since that time with students learning Shotokan Karate. This includes Kata, Kumite, Grappling, and Kobudo.

Aem Hai also has a small team of highly knowledgeable assistant instructors, both male and female.

We are able to offer fantastic opportunities for our students in terms of tournaments. Our own tournaments are large-scale and have been a huge success, offering a variety of categories including Kata, Kumite, Weapons and ground fighting. We also compete in tournaments hosted by other schools and organisations and these are open to any students who meet the entry criteria.

Our monthly squad training is run at Wensum Sports Center, every last Saturday of the month.


Within my martial arts school I have helped my students understand diversity, tolerance, understanding and compassion and I have built upon this. There is a zero tolerance to bullying. This requires a fine balance between maintaining and holding boundaries and encouraging free expression. Children and adults are empowered to fit in and achieve.

Meet our Instructors and Associates

CEO and Head Instructor

Sensei Daniel Kean-Cockburn

E-mail: aemhai@outlook.com
Sensei Daniel Kean-Cockburn bsc (hons) Degree in psychology with art Conversion diploma in psychology. Membership to the British psychological society 2004 to 2008 Higher certification in counselling. England coach for NMAC (Winning team 2018 in European games series) 5th Dan Black belt in shotokan karate, 1st Dan Toyama Ryu, 1st kyu Sueshin Ryu, Blue belt judo, Blue belt tae kwon do, Green belt jikeshin jiu jitsu, 2 tag white belt Gracie ju jitsu, 1st kyu ju jitsu kobudo, 10th Kup Hamudo. Grade 1 foil Grade 1 sabre Grade 1 foil stage performance.Gold at club level judo 4 X Norfolk karate champion Former British kick boxing champion World silver medalist 2012 Los Angeles USA. Ambassador for the martial arts disability association Head of Norfolk for the world martial arts council.

Yellow belt Hamudo 2017/Hamudo 10th KUP. Shodan in sword and BJA level 1 coach.

Senior  Instructor.

Sam Walker


Black Belt 2nd Dan Nidan in Shotokan Karate, Kata coach for the Aem Hai squad and senior instructor under Sensei Daniel Kean-Cockburn. I am a trained referee at Aem Hai, and I am also part of the grading panel for both junior and adult gradings. I joined Aem Hai Martial Arts in 2013. I am also a 1st Dan Shodan in Toyama Ryu Batto Do with Fujiyama School, which I also joined in 2013. I started my martial arts training in my early teens, training in Kickboxing for 4 years. I also hold grades in Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Lung Ying Kung Fu. And 4th Kyu in Ju Jitsu. I am a national gold medalist in Women's Individual and Mixed Team Tameshigiri. I have national silvers in Kumite and Kickboxing.Competing in AHMA tournaments, I have won golds, silvers and bronzes in Karate Kata, Kobudo, Kumite and Batto-Do, and a silver in Ne-waza, including Gold in Kobudo in Aem Hai National Championship 2017. I won gold in TSKR women's Kumite and silver in the world games series 2018. Gold in creative team kata in the world games seriers qualifers 2018. Bronze in team kata in 2014.


Sarah Hanrahan


Team GB member for 2024 Olympics and Official Translator for Great Britian in 2024 Olympics

Team GB member for 2023 commonwealth Games.

I am nstructor and trained referee at Aem Hai, and I am also part of the grading panel for both junior and adult gradings. I started training in Karate in 2008 at Bignold Primary School with Sensei Dan. Since then I have gained my Shodan in December 2013, and have competed and refereed in many competitions, in multiple disciplines, both at Aem Hai and elsewhere. I have also attended various seminars, including Shihan Fumio Demura’s seminar in April 2013.
Outside of martial arts I am a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award holder, for which I my karate instructing was part of the volunteering section. I am also a keen volleyball player, and was part of the East Region U16 Talent development team for my 3 years of eligibility. As well as Karate and Volleyball, I have taken dance classes since 2001, and performed at the Theatre Royal. I am also an enthusiastic netball player and was team captain for the 2016 season.


I am an enthusiastic mathematician, and also enjoy chemistry, physics and French. I qualified from Warrick University in further maths at masters degree level.

I currently work as a research scientist and have worked on the hadron colider in Switzerland.


im graded to Ni-Dan with both Aemhai Martial Arts in Karate as well as the K.U.G.B.

I have won silver in the K.U.G.B. Nationals Women’s kumite and team Kumiteib 2017

I have won silver In K.U.G.B national Kata competition.



Laura Barber


Facilitator of our 20 week 'Fighting Fit' course. A fitness programme with guaranteed results.

Aem Hai Conditioning Coach.

2018 Gold medalist for team kata in regional as well as national competitions, gold medalist for solo kata in the world games series qualifiers and regional competitions. Silver medalist in the world games series in team creative kata.

Diploma in sports and exercise nutrition and qualified level 1 in safegaurding young people.

Qualified Aem Hai Referee.


Cody Poole


I am a 2nd degree Blackbelt in karate


2019 British Champion in Kubudo Kata

2023 British silver medalist in Continous sparring

2023 Bronze medalist in full contact kickboxing.


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